Life Insurance


A Better Approach to Life Insurance

It’s a fact: if you have a family you already know you need life insurance. If you have a home, you know you need mortgage insurance. And if you have a business, you probably know you need key man insurance.

What you may not have realized, however, is that there are two very big advantages to working with me to meet your life, mortgage and key man insurance needs. LIfe-Insurance

First, I operate a full service investment firm. I’m not here just to sell you an insurance policy. I look at your complete financial picture and recommend policies that perfectly compliment the rest of your financial situation.

And, secondly, I’m independent. I am part of a Brokerage and we are not tied to a single carrier and the limited number of options and premium rates any single Insurance Provider can offer. I can choose your polices from dozens of options in order to give you the very best coverage at the very best rate.

I can also help you sort through the dizzying array of insurance options to select the type of policy (or policies) that make the most sense for you—whether that’s term insurance or whole life insurance.

I can also help you with mortgage insurance for your home or key man insurance protection for your business.

Whatever your financial situation, I can help you identify your specific needs, then guide you to the best possible solution to meet those needs—at the best possible rate.

Call today to see how I can help you meet all of your life, mortgage and key man business insurance needs.