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Investment and Retirement Planning Saving for Future

As an Expat in this tax-free nation, you need an advisor who is an expert in the local financial environment to help you with your financial needs. I have been helping Expat’s with all of their investment and savings needs for many years, and have the expertise to put together a savings and investment package tailor-made for you.

I recognize that every individual has special needs, which is why I never take a one-size-fits-all approach. If you have children, I know you’ll have to factor college or university fees into your savings and investment plan. You’ll also need to factor in inflation, and build a plan that takes that into account.

I can help you plan for retirement by working with you to decide when, where, and, most importantly, how much is required to prepare you for this extended holiday we call ‘retirement’.

If you hope to buy a house, save for a vacation, buy a boat, plan a wedding fund any other significant expense, I know that may take extra planning.

And certainly, I understand that at some point, you will want to retire and live comfortably on your retirement savings. I also know that some of your expenses, such as planning for a university fees when your child is almost at the college door step, can cause you to extend your working years significantly, thereby postponing your retirement. Once you have a comprehensive plan, you’ll see exactly how long you’ll need to work to achieve all of your important goals.

Plans may fail, but you should not fail to plan

I’ve worked with individuals having a wide range of investment and savings planning needs, so I understand how to put a comprehensive plan together for you. I’ll look at your insurance needs, your retirement needs, your educational needs, your business needs, and every other aspect of your financial situation to offer you the best possible plan to meet those needs.

In most countries, you receive a retirement income or pension after your working years are over. But here, in a tax free environment, you receive every penny you earn from your salary, but the onus is on you to save all that you will need for your retirement—be it for your life after UAE or if you continue living here.

Once I’ve put a plan together for you, you will know exactly how to go about to implement itmuch is required to invest on an ongoing basis—and how long you’ll need to work to achieve your financial objectives .

The sooner you begin to plan for the future, the sooner you’ll be able to work toward your ultimate goal of financial security. So call today to set up an appointment and see how I can help you build a future that encompasses all your financial needs.