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If you operate a business here, you need an advisor who understands both the unique benefits and the unique challenges of protecting your business and investing for the future.
I have been working with business owners so they can have an effective plan to keep the business operating even through adverse times, and to create the appropriate investment vehicles to prepare for a successful retirement.

You can rely on our expertise in these important areas:

Medical insurance policies cover both Outpatient and in-patient treatments. While we choose on the right insurance , its important we consider the following. The factors mentioned below  :

  1. Check for the regulatory mandated benefits based on the emirate of visa issuance (Sijo add the link to the DHA mandate and HADD mandate )
  2. Geographical scope –  One can choose a geographical scope where they would like to be covered. Like Only UAE or UAE and home country or WW EXCL US or WW
  3. Network for direct billing of claims locally – the premiums go up based on the inclusion of premium hospitals.
  4. Choice of Co Pay and deductible : this is the portion paid by you . If you choose higher co pay or deductible the premiums get lower
  5. Maternity – In regulated Emirates maternity is compulsory. Complications of maternity are also covered.
  6. Other benefits that one can add to the policy will be Dental /optical.


As an independent agent, we offer the broadest possible selection of motor and home insurance policies designed to meet your specific needs at the best possible rate.

Keep your business rolling even in the case of critical illness, disability or untimely death of one of your key executives. We offer a broad range of key man policies designed to cover your executives and keep your business rolling.

This includes

Employees Protection

Partners protection

Key people protection.

Loan protection.

As a part of Employee’s benefits as a good Employer you can offer the following covers to your employees:

  1. Group Medical Insurance: a plan can be customized to suit the organizations requirements a right balance can be achieved between providing good medical care to your employees to fitting it to suit the companies budgets . We can offer solutions from local to all international insurers
  2. Group Life and Personal Accident insurance :Group life insurance covers death due to any cause and can include many of these benefits including disability benefits due to Accident/sickness:
    1. Death due to any cause
    2. Permanent and Partial total disability
    3. Temporary Total disability
    4. Medical expenses ( this works well as many medical policies don’t cover road related accidents )
    5. Repatriation (death due to any cause)

It’s essential to note that motor accidents don’t get covered beyond the emergency period in your medical policies , its important to look at possible options through a group policy or individual accident policy .

Further Repatriation should include death due to any cause many policies just cover death due to accident only


This policy covers all risks of physical loss, destruction or damage to the insured property which occurred during the policy’s period and is subject to certain terms, conditions and exclusions. This policy provides a wider coverage range than the Fire and Allied Perils insurance policy. Noting that the PAR policy can be tailor made depending on the profession clients and their requirements.

The following extensions are available under the Property All Risks Insurance Policy:

  • Loss of profits business interruption
  • Loss of rent
  • Third party legal liability including the landlord’s liability towards tenants and the tenants liability towards the landlords
  • Strikes, riots & civil commotions
  • Malicious damage
  • Accidental damage to plate glass fixed to the building
  • Expenses incurred on removing debris following the loss or damage of the insured property
  • Fire brigade charges and extinguishing expenses
  • Architects, surveyors, legal and consulting engineering fees

Marine broadly includes cover for :

  1. Cargo in transit – this could include transport by sea/ air / road . The policies can be issued for a single shipment or cover all cargo through the year as a marine open cover policy and Goods in Transit cover
  2. Hull machinery & Liability -This type of insurance provides coverage to ships and/or other moveable waterborne properties. There are several variations within this cover including: loss or damages to the Hull due to perils such as: fire, piracy and other sea perils as well as liabilities for collision and indemnity coverage.
  3. Cover for Pleasure Yachts
Business Insurance

We also offer a full range of related insurance coverage, including marine insurance, medical malpractice and workmen’s compensation.

Regardless of your specific situation, we have the experience and expertise in this very specialized area of business planning to advise you on the best solutions for you—whether that’s medical, motor, marine, malpractice, home, or key man insurance, workmen’s compensation, or a pension plan specifically designed for your situation. Call today to see how we can help you and your business with all of your insurance, pension and financial planning needs.

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