Childrens Protection

As a parent, you have a legacy to protect and extend. You want the best for your children. It’s not just your obligation — it’s your passion. You want your children to enjoy all the advantages you’ve enjoyed or even better, to reach a high level of success in your life.


It’s no surprise to you that children require more than love and guidance. They also require money. And, unfortunately, their needs may outlive your ability to cover those needs.



That’s why I can help you with more than just educational planning. I’ll look at your children’s long term welfare including critical illness and disability care coverage to make sure they can continue to get the advantages and education they need to succeed in life as part of your overall financial plan.


In fact, I’ll probe beyond the normal planning and help you decide how you can provide for their needs even after their education is complete. I’m not suggesting you set up a retirement fund for your children — that’s something they can figure out on their own over the course of their life. But I do know from experience that it often pays to set up an emergency fund to help your children through some tough times if they ever find themselves in a situation that requires a little extra money after they’ve entered their working years.


A major benefit is that children’s policies have free or low cost riders, with options to increase benefits in future years. In certain cases, family history of diabetes or chronic illness will render a person un-insurable at a later point in life, and that is when a protection plan taken as a minor child comes handy.


One of the important benefits of a children’s plan is that the investment gains grow considerably after 10 years of payment for the insurance portion, substantially increasing the fund value. In fact, it essentially represents a total refund of your premium investment with a substantial return.


The cash value that accrues can be accessed and used for tuition fees or a wedding, The money is yours to use. Investing a small amount for 10 years will give your child a sizable chunk to take loans from at a later point in life while the policy remains funded. By their retirement age, cash value of the policy will be worth 10 -15 times the amount of the premium you paid at inception.


This concept is known as “Be your own Banker” because it’s a strategy that enables you to buy a cash value/dividend accruing policy for your kids, invest for the term and later even borrow from or against it instead of taking a bank loan.


You already spend enough to keep your children entertained with gifts and toys which they have tons of. This is a legacy that will serve your children for a lifetime.


I have years of experience working with Expats and Locals alike to help them provide for all of the needs of their children.
Call today to see how I can help you put a plan in motion that will protect your legacy and provide the financial essentials to insure a secure and successful life for your children.