Clients Speak


“Sijo explored and shed a light on the things I’ve been thinking about for long time. (life insurance). He knows how to explain things in simple terms and make it easier to take a decision.
He has explained to me about the different aspects of insurance and what and how exactly I need to plan based on my need and circumstances, especially the critical insurance part. He helped me to make it an easy allocation of funds. Gladly recommend Sijo for his knowledge and advice.”

Rayyan Rahoof
Partner – MGM Interiors

“When it comes to top quality wealth management advise with an unbiased opinion, I can wholly trust Sijo for his ability to guide towards the best solutions, helping creating not only long term wealth but a legacy to be remembered. Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Financial Adviser. Sijo has this and more. His sheer dedication to clients, business excellence and education sets him apart and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes for their investments to speak with Sijo.”

Ajay Bhatia. Indian Entrepreneur
GM Vfix Maintenance & Technical services.

“It has not been a long time since I got acquainted with Sijo Mathews. A close friend happened to refer his name during a discussion about the need of critical illness insurance coverage and fruitful investments.
I was seriously skeptical about all insurance dealings since I have burnt my fingers previously by one of the agents back in India. Sijo called me up and we had a meeting. Quite interestingly and to my surprise he never discussed anything serious about the business matter rather he transferred a solid confidence to me.
We interacted in a way that we have been friends since long and started chatting and subsequent meetings he was able to convince me undoubtedly about the importance of critical illness insurance policies and diversifying my investments for long term benefits.
I admire his personal countless qualities and he is a true philanthropist first before anything else. To put it briefly he is now my go to person for genuine advise on any matter.”

Suresh Pillai . India
MD. Gulf Elegant Glass works LLC

“One of the finest professionals in this insurance industry which is known for having fly by night operators. You can entrust all your financial planning and future retirement to Sijo. I hope to have found my final reckoning in this space. Please do reach out to Sijo for any current and future financial planning if you do need a peace of mind.”

Sivakumar Iyer
Sales Manager, IMEA – Africa

“It all started with a short conversation with Sijo in the elevator of our residence building almost a decade back. That casual talk has developed into a long-lasting family and professional bond. The intention of a risk free information exchange led me to trust Sijo with my entire portfolio of insurance & mutual funds who has very diligently managed and maximized profits (even though the markets collapsed in 2009)
Even after few a bitter experience earlier with insurance agents in the Gulf, I’ve had no qualms of trusting Sijo with my entire portfolio who is finely managing my portfolio from Dubai even though I’ve moved to Canada 5 years ago.
One of the rare, trusted friend, Philosopher and guide you can totally rely on all insurance related issues
His past Naval experience also speaks about his Honesty, integrity and dedication to his work ethics.
I have highly recommended Sijo to my friends in the middle east and would continue to do so to anyone looking for financial security and peace of mind. Having seen Sijo grow up in his career, I wish him and his family continuous success.”

Nirmal Yuvraj Sharma
Brampton, Canada

“Have known Sijo for over 6 Years now. At the very first instance of meeting Sijo there was a level of comfort that was established on a personal basis where there was little to no discussion about business / policies. The discussion was more focused on likes and dislikes, family/life priorities, travel etc. I believe this is what prompted me to further open up with Sijo about my intentions about critical Illness Insurance coverage. Sijo was very thorough in his explanation of the policy characteristics. Even when the market was down Sijo was upfront in discussing options and guiding to ensure that policy stayed healthy. I am very satisfied with the engagement and partnership with Sijo over the years. Sijo also makes it a point to be acquainted with the family as well which actually in my opinion does provide comfort in knowing that help is around the corner for them with the policy claims in the event of adverse/unforeseen situations. Thus the association with Sijo has further developed into engaging in other Investment products planning for retirement as well. I wish Sijo a great and successful career as he brings a positive difference in the lives of his clients and their families.”

Sibu Siddique
GE Electronics, Dubai

Well, I call this the Awesome!
While I know Sijo for a quite some time now, it’s only the last 4 odd years where I’m actually dealing with the financial instruments he had to offer. Major reason being, he gave me ample time to make a calculated decision. That made One things certain; he’s not the one who will pester you take out insurance to meet targets up.
Secured Future as a philosophy isn’t something that goes out of trend, however doing it with ease, whilst getting ample knowledge about it and matching it with a risk free environment is something that doesn’t happen to all.
My experience has been very satisfying with regards to Sijo, more so, thanks to the fact that he is always been ahead of the curve with his knowledge and sheer professionalism he brings to the table.
Not often in this industry you get someone who talks you out of things that would fetch them a higher cut/commission instead suggest a plan/scheme/policy that actually benefits the insured (me in this case)
I would gladly recommend Sijo to anyone who seeks a sound and genuine advice on securing a wonderful future especially for loved ones

AJ Mendonca
Vice President J P Morgan

Sijo Mathews – let’s start with a personal note. We could be among those couple who became friends first then decided to seek his professional advice on insurance and investment to secure our future. As with many expats here, this has been on our to do list for a long time. Its one of those things that’s on everyone’s mind but just gets postponed indefinitely. Glad to say that the delay was worth it.
He has a vast knowledge about the insurance and investment and suggests the best to suit your needs. He is one of a kind, a person who knows to use the word NO and YES exactly when required.
An amazing personality with knowledge and care. Extremely professional and straightforward guy.
Wishing him all the best always…

Abhishek Jain (Architect)
ARCO turnkey solutions

It has been a pleasure dealing with highly informed professionals like Sijo. My husband and I, had been thinking about taking an insurance product for quite some time but was never able to make up our mind on which product to take. Basically, we have been thinking of an insurance product, which can give us a healthy return in addition to insurance coverage.
That’s when we met Sijo through a common friend. Sijo was extremely patience with us, met is few times over to explain us the product time and again. We didn’t have much idea about Critical Illness insurance and products like that. He took effort to explain all the concepts and various options available for investment. He was more of a counsler for us. He helped us have the best mix of insurance and investment based on our income, risk appetite and financial goals.
It has been very satisfactory experience dealing with Sijo. We highly recommended Sijo to anyone looking for a customized solution for their financial need.

Amit Kumar & Pragyan

Sijo as an insurance advisor has a very professional approach and transforms the relationship to a trustworthy and safe bonding. His guidance and support are unmatchable. He is committed to his profession, his community and his faith. Outstanding work ethics. I would recommend Sijo without hesitation.

Reshma Sweeta DSouza
HOD Life dept

Sijo is a straightforward person with an extensive knowledge about Critical Illness & life insurance.
He is, I would say, an absolute guide in this field. His bond with client starts after the signing process, which makes him different from others. I have seen that most clients eventually become good friends with him. Sijo actually has the courage to say ‘No’ to a potential client, if the plan is not a right fit for the clients need – that’s a unique quality you rarely see in an insurance guy, who are mostly pushy.
He always suggests the best suited solution for “each individual”, that’s his specialty. Above all he really loves his work. I suggest you should meet Sijo once, it will definitely add value to your time and future life

James Xavier, IN Retd., SIIRSM
Safety Officer, Emirates Hospitals

Nowadays, as most banks offer an insurance policy (seemingly free of cost) as a complimentary service, we too took out policies thinking that we would be covered from all the vagaries of fate. It was only when we delved into the finer points of the policy (at Sijo’s insistence) that we discovered how little it actually covers. One great aspect about Sijo is that he painstakingly takes the time and effort to understand our financial situation before he even suggests an insurance package. The wealth of knowledge he has acquired over the course of his career has been invaluable in helping us make an educated decision rather than sticking to a course made by chance. Also, his fine understanding of the inner workings of insurances, gave us a policy tailor-made to suit our financial situation perfectly.
His focus is not limited to just making people sign on the dotted line, but rather, he goes out of his way to ensure that we are comfortable with the choices we made in the long run. This dedication and expertise make him our number one go-to guy for all financial, investment and insurance matters and we will confidently commend him to anyone looking for a professional who also cares.

Renji Mathews
Renji Mathews

Sijo is known to me for more than 7 years now. In Sijo I came across a true financial consultant who doesn’t come with a predefined plan, but invests time with you to understand your exact needs, challenges & insecurities – if any, to come up with the right investment plans to meet or exceed your expectations. I have had bitter experiences with few consultants in the past, where they simply disappear after coercing & enrolling you in some investment tool, but Sijo really stands tall among them by being available all the time to address any queries or concerns while taking you into confidence – quality of a true professional. Wishing Sijo, my friend, all the best in his professional endeavors.

Rajesh N. Rajan
Regional Sales Manager. Rittal ME

Precise, practical and professional. His interactions are very genuine and he ensures that the final decision stems from clients needs.

Dr.Amrutha Mampilly,
Abu Dhabi

I know Sijo as a sincere, hardworking person, ready to be of support anytime you need.
His knowledge and expertise in the field of Insurance is excellent and also puts the same into his work, to bring out desired results.
Serious at work, he is a very warm hearted and jovial as a person! This is a very good combination.
It is absolutely great to know Sijo as a true friend and I sincerely wish him all success always.

Ajit Menon
ENBD bank, Dubai

“The level of service and professionalism We’ve received from Sijo is incomparable. Undeniably, we don’t know much about insurance or investments, but Sijo has always taken the time to educate and inform Us about the various options. You can take heart in the fact that Sijo isn’t just trying to sell you something, he genuinely cares about his clients and their well-being. We love him for him being a benevolent being.”

Johnson & Sumi
Global Shipping and Logistics, Dubai

We have Known Mr. Sijo for the past 10 years and the best thing we like about him is the positive attitude, impeccable service – especially the Follow up and timely reminders. He is very respectful, patient and explains things in a way that even a lay person can understand, even if asked the same question hundred times. We have taken several Insurance and Investments from different agents over the past 10 years, without really understanding the plans and benefits. Sijo did a complete review of our portfolio and explained each one in detail and now all our plans are being managed by him – which in itself speaks volumes about the trust we have in him. He has proved himself in the years we have known him and now I can rest assured that we are dealing with a true professional. I confidently commend him to anyone looking for a true professional Financial adviser who will suggest what you need and not just force a plan on you. He is not pushy and respects your space and time. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Zahra Firoozmand. Iran
Business Person Dubai

Insurance; Having worked in the industry for a while I am aware of the practices adopted by several agents just to close a sale. They seem to have a little more knowledge than the average joe, if that. Over two decades in UAE, I met many insurance people for various needs. However, after meeting Mr. Sijo Mathews I had a different viewpoint. Without any drama, Sijo was the only Insurance specialist whose first question to me was – What is your need sir? He is the only person who I know in insurance, who is more concerned with the requirements of a client, who gets the best value for your money. Business means Profit or else it becomes a charitable foundation. Sijo’s honesty, technique of explaining all the jargon to a client and making him feel comfortable was beyond my expectation. He will do his utmost to tailor make a plan for you considering all the criterion’s, and that is where the word Trust fits in perfectly without which nothing stands for the correct reasons for doing anything. Extremely happy with your attitude and modus operandi. Will always run with you Sijo where my insurance is concerned.
God bless you.

Fareed Mansour.
Photographer & Latin Dance Choreographer Dubai.

I met Mr.Sijo through a common friend. Being the very friendly and approachable guy that he is, we instantly connected. He gave us the best options that suited our needs and helped through the entire process of getting our insurance. However, we very soon faced a situation with Mednet regarding my maternity coverage which put us in a pickle. it was Sijo’s timely action and quick response to the issue that saved us and I got my maternity covered.
Four months later Mednet again came up with same issue and simply just declared that I will not be having my maternity covered unless I pay a huge premium. All hope was lost for us when it was only Sijo and his team who, understanding our genuinity, relentlessly worked on our case for over a month and got us our maternity coverage approved once and for all from Mednet.
I cannot thank Mr.Sijo and his entire team enough for what they have done for me and my family even when he could have easily ignored it as he had already made his sale. I’m taking this opportunity to appreciate the sincere efforts made by everyone on this case. We will always keep you in our prayers.

Mohinder & Jency
Entrepreneur – Dunamiz, Abu Dhabi

Sijo is definitely not one of those who wants to just make a sale of the product and vanish. His effort to understand requirements, help clients to choose the right plan that best benefits them and continue to support throughout is commendable. His knowledge of services and ability to match these to our needs certainly made a big difference. I am impressed by his minimalist approach and willing to support when required. I am happy to recommend him to others and go back when I personally need any help.

Pavithra Venkatesh- India
Rewards manager, SERCO, Dubai

Selling Insurance is one of the most difficult tasks. More so when we hear about death or critical illness, you take a backseat and often tend to develop a dislike for the Insurance Advisor. Sijo does not push unsavory ideas. He is a clear in explaining why and what are our requirements. He is more of a friend to all. The feeling of being cared for is what he gives much before he explains our own needs. Its what we need that he sells and not what he wants to. Am sure with the relationship he builds; he will be available in future for any follow ups much unlike many other advisers who disappear once their deal is done. Am sure, with the positive attitude and approach, he will continue to do well in the business while his clients will definitely benefit in having established a relation with him.

Ramesh Ramnath
Owner, Raagan Technical Services

I met Sijo last year and I truly wish I had met him before. Thanks to his advice I have now planned for my future and retirement, where if something happened to me, like a Serious Illness or Disability, I can afford to take care of my self without being a burden to anyone.  Also my mind is at peace knowing that my loved ones will be safe and comfortable if such an even were to occur. Sijo is an amazing person, passionate of what he does, and cares about his clients.
Thank you for your help,

Kevin – Malta
Emirates Airlines, Dubai

I knew Mr. Sijo for 5 months before we initiated the subject to have any family protection for me.
It was wonderful journey. He has guided/ planned and managed everything very well in advance and professionally. I have considered so many type of insurance options and insurance agents before I took my decision to have tie up through Sijo and this decision has given me confidence to propose his name to my friends and relatives who are looking for any kind of insurance services.

Prakash Sarvaiya. India
General Manager Hira Industries LLC Dubai UAE

“Sijo is one of those insurance Advisers, who, apart from providing good information on insurance needs also likes to socialize with clients. This quality I found endearing and makes me feel that I am dealing with a person who is trustworthy. His professional approach towards getting things done, patience in providing all the required information, caring attitude and follow up till the jobs gets done are qualities worth noting. I would not hesitate recommending him to my friends. I wish him success and trust that he will continue to provide prompt service.”

Advait Dande. India Chief Engineer. A D
Borouge, Ruwais

I started my relationship with Sijo with some reluctance because we have had our share of some unpleasant experiences in the past. In the last three years our relationship has grown from a business to friendship where I can seek his advice or matters not just limited to Financial planning. He is glad to address any query or concern that we have, even when he is out of country. If it is not his job, he guides you in the right direction. He is very patient and attentive to detail, explains each benefit of the plan. Now any time I hear the word Insurance, Sijo is the first person I call and would gladly recommend him to everyone. He will never force you to do something you are not interested in.

Masoud Nemati. Iran
Business Owner, Dubai

Sijo has a good working knowledge of the variety of products that is suited to your needs.
He explains things on a level you can understand comfortably. Listens and empathizes with clients on a deeper level in order to discern what they really want and need. He is always available to answer your queries. A person who puts the needs of the client first without bothering about the commissions. Good work and keep it up.

Dr. Mohammed Mazharul Haq
Eye Surgeon (Retired)

I have known Sijo for the past 6 years. Initially, I was reluctant to take any insurance policies so I avoided meeting him for almost one year but Sijo patiently waited and we stayed in touch on phone. Finally, I met him and was highly impressed with the way he explained all the minute details about the insurance policy that was suitable for my budget and best for my family. I decided then and there to go ahead with the policies. I am very thankful to Sijo & wish him all the best for the future.

Arif Umar Farooqui
IT Manager, DEWA

I’ve known Sijo for at least 8 years now, he has the passion in helping people and by giving so good advices, He is an outgoing person and always ready to help and give you his best advice, very patient and explains the policies so well that you fully understand and will not hide anything from you. Very honest person, he is not only an insurance adviser for me but as well we became good friends. Sijo is always punctual for meetings and always keeps following up on statuses.

Hashmat Ally Najurally.
F&B Director, Mauritius

We were recently introduced to Sijo through a common friend. We did take insurance from other agents in past without understanding the plans and benefits properly. Sijo’s input have been extremely useful and his in-depth knowledge as well as detailed explanation has made us feel more comfortable with our choices in investment and insurance.
I would strongly recommend Sijo as a professional financial advisor to cater to your finance and insurance investments.

Ashish Nair.
Business owner, India

I have taken 3 insurance policies thus far with Sijo whom I found to be informative, punctual and detailed in his explanations and sending information. By no means are you alone once you receive your policies as he is always there as an advisor and readily available to assist you with your queries even when he is travelling!! His nature is that of a positive, confident person and you feel comfortable knowing that you are in capable hands. I would not hesitate taking more insurance policies or recommending him to my family and friends and others.

Adele Carollissen. S Africa
Manager – Support and Events G A C

My first interaction with Sijo was at a social gathering, following which I took some advice from him about my existing plans. He is gem of a guy with a thorough knowledge of his field and currently manages our complete portfolio. He is just not a insurance adviser for us, but a good friend. We really liked the way he described the pros and cons of a given policy and the way he helped us to design the policy premium considering our budget. As a person I liked the way he presents himself. Needless to say that I will be recommending to him in my circle, which I have already done. I wish him all the best for the future.

Vineet Kumar Verma. India
Engineer, PermaPipe Middle East, Fujairah

My association with Sijo in Particular has been very pleasant. He has been prompt and clear in explaining the investment opportunities and has assisted a great deal in helping choosing the right investment plan. I would not hesitate in recommending Sijo if so required.

Capt. Vispy Dadimaster. India
General Manager- Operations Fujairah National Shipping Agencies, Fujairah

Sijo is a superb team player and leader who achieves outstanding results through detailed research, analysis, commitment and delivery. I cannot praise him too highly and would employ his services again without reservations.
Sijo is bright, intelligent and dedicated to the task in hand. His Indian birth and Christian faith gives him precious insight and a winning cultural understanding of East-West business and social challenges. Sijo is caring and has a warm sense of humour. His background as a champion pugilist and former naval Petty Officer makes him a winner both in and outside the ring.

David Browne.
Managing Editor Parachute Pictures, UK

I have been in UAE for the last 25 years and came across many “Financial Planners” who have not been able to convince the benefits of having a proper financial planning in place.
Best thing about Sijo is that he knows what he is talking about and above all first comes the clients interest, explaining the finer points, including any hidden clauses. I have been seeking his advice on all my investment and financial planning and he has complied even when it has been out of his line of work. I have referred many of my friends, not just in UAE but across the Middle East to seek his professional advice. I believe his popularity has mostly been through word of mouth. I wish him all the best and know that he will continue providing similar support to all his clients

Mr. Swaroop Pookat
Entrepreneur, Dubai

I have known Sijo for the past 8 years now and taken an insurance policy through him. I have always found Sijo to be a thorough professional who doesn’t like to force things on any one. He has been explicit in clearing a lot of misconceptions and at the same time explaining the benefits of my policy in detail. Sijo is also a person who goes out of his way to come and meet one directly so as to alleviate any concern that we might have.
I will gladly recommend Sijo Mathews to any of my friends and I am sure that they would also find Sijo as friendly and informative as I have found him to be.

Mr. Shanu Varughese
Director of Revenue, Millennium TECOM

“Sijo is a great person to associate with”
He has excellent knowledge about Insurance and suggests products that’s ideal for your situation. Very friendly & shares a unique comfort level when approached with queries.Listens and empathizes with everyone on a deeper level in order to discern what they really want and need. He is positive, confident person and you feel comfortable knowing that you are in capable hands. He knows his business and while providing professional advice, puts the clients interest above all. His background as a former Naval sailor gives him the integrity which is much required for this business of advising people on their personal financial planning. I wish him all the best and know that he will treat everyone with the same dedication.

Binduu Emmanuel
Entrepreneur, Bangalore, India

I had high expectations when having my policy with Sijo. He exhibited a wonderful example of good faith and excellent customer service and I am very pleased with his work.
I would highly recommend Sijo to anyone seeking competent insurance representation & advice .

Dr. M Siddig, PM. Sudan

I am an Expat Living in the U.A E for the last 10 years. And unlike some other nationalities that come here and earn money and are able to buy a house back home this was not the case with me as the real estate prices in Europe is far more expensive than in Asia or Africa.
Hence I figured that it was time to plan. Best to do it was now, while I was young, single and in my prime to save for my future. The only way to do this was to pretend as If I were paying Tax but instead use that same amount of money to secure my future.
So I looked into different insurances and came a across many different insurance brokers in the U.A E all trying to persuade you to sign up with them.
My main concern was that I wanted a plan that is regulated by the European Law and where I knew my money would be saved in Europe (Isle of Man) so I choose the Insurance company Zurich. And on my journey to finding the best available insurance that suits my needs and that I feel I can trust, I came across an insurance adviser – Sijo.
When we met, Sijo was patient with me, asked the right questions and explained the pros and cons in each situation, but one thing that I particularly liked about Sijo is that he never pushed me to sign up for anything, instead gave me enough time to reflect, research and compare and yet always stood by my side available on whats app or phone if I had any concerns and questions I wanted to ask him, which was very convenient for me. I then took my Time and started exploring all options and insurances available that I could Trust and which suit my needs. After over One and a half years of extensive research and talking to several other brokers and banks I finally called Sijo and told him that I was ready for my commitment in order to secure my future.
I chose Sijo as he is honest, punctual, Professional and reliable and puts his client interest before his own, taking time to explain the fine prints and clauses. He is always available for any questions and queries and if I was unsure, giving me advice and ample time to reflect.
By no means are you alone once you receive your policies as he is always there as an advisor and readily available to assist you with your queries even when he is travelling.
This is very important for someone like me as I Travel all around the world and sometimes you might have a thought that pops up and can ask him straight away through whats app or Skype – He is there for you. I find building up a relation to your insurance adviser is important because that is the foundation of Trust in which your commitment to securing your future is paramount.
I would not hesitate taking more insurance policies or recommending him to my family and friends and others.

Marcus M Rupprecht. Germany
Emirates Airlines, Dubai