Financial Planning

There’s nothing that bores most young adults more than talking about financial planning.

It seems that, for the average 30-something person, planning is what ‘old folks’ do and indeed they seem to almost enjoy putting off this rather dull but vitally necessary task. Most put it off for years and years and, when they finally wake up to the realization that they don’t have enough savings, many times it’s too late to catch up.
And we’re not just talking about retirement here either. The average person is going to get married, have 2 or 3 children, buy a home and fill it with all sorts of stuff. When all of that starts happening the money you make will probably pay for most of it but what would happen if that money suddenly stopped coming in?

What if, for example, you had a beautiful wife and 2 great kids and a wonderful home and you suddenly were laid off because of an accident or Illness? What if, even worse, you were in an accident or had a heart attack and passed away? What would your family do if you didn’t have any savings, or insurance, or pension plan to support them?

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