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I believe in the words of Ben Feldman

“We don’t sell life insurance. We sell what life insurance can do”.

It’s a fact: if you have a family you already know you need life insurance. If you have a home, you know you need mortgage insurance. And if you have a business, you probably know you need key man insurance.

Life Insurance is mainly referred to as a contract between “A” an insurance policyholder and “B” an insurer. This contract promises to pay a designated sum of money from “B” to “A” in case of a serious illness, a disability, or even worse. But do we need to be covered by Life Insurance? Or is it just a financial strategy to hold our hard-earned money.


In a whole of life plan, you pay for a fixed number of years and remain protected for the whole of your life. This are mostly unit linked plans which invest into various funds to help sustain your policy for the entire term.
In simple terms it is like a home mortgage. You pay a monthly emi for 15 – 20 years and then the house belongs to you.
Whole of life plan accumulates cash value over a period of years. This can act as an emergency pot if the need arises.
In this part of the world whole of life plans are offered by Zurich, Metlife, Oman, Salama, Alliance, Orient and Takaful.


Term Plans are simple, pure insurance only. Pay a small contribution each month for the number of years you wish to be covered.
Its like renting a house. The contribution is small, mostly mortality rates, with some small fees. It has no cash value.
Term plans are opted against mortgages, bank guarantees for business or simply to remain protected for a set term.
Plans are available from Zurich, FPI, Metlife, Salama, Orient, Alliance, Oman & Takaful.

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