Critical Illness Insurance


I specialize in working with individuals to put together a cost-effective, comprehensive plan designed to help you and your family carry on financially throughout the recovery period. I can show you all the important benefits of critical illness and a disability insurance coverage. Best of all, with the proper protection planning your family will continue to maintain their lifestyle just as they did when there was a paycheck coming every month, even during the absence of an income.

Disability Protection


No employer provides indefinite income while you are at home recovering from an illness. A loss of income would result in a severe financial strain. Without the living benefits solutions to cover your health care and ongoing expenses during your recovery, a critical illness could be devastating for you and your family. It could impact your life in many ways. If you’re buying a home, a house on loan is not yet yours to call your own.

learn how you can get the coverage you need to protect your income and provide for your family in the unfortunate case that you are sidelined with an illness or injury that results in the loss of your income.

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